The Village View

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Oootsourcing done right?

Being a good Manhattanite, I'm a ZipCar member/customer. Just had to call customer service because I had an outstanding balance (hey, it's call "float" - learned this thanks to my fancy MBA). 

Anyway, I just called the customer support line and a very friendly woman answered the phone and helped me quite quickly. Turns out she's in
North Sydney, Nova Scotia.... that's in Canada folks. It was really a great customer service experience. When's the last time you said that? Certainly, I don't feel that way about most calls that are answered by outsource/offshored call centers. Last time I had a call with my bank or credit card company...miserable; tech support....forget it. But none of those was in Canada. 

Now, I don't know what they're paying her up there, but I imagine it's cheaper than the States and that's why they're doing it. And the experience was better than call centers in other offshore locales.

Canada, people, you heard it here first!