The Village View

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Enterprise Application Podcasts

Living in Manhattan I walk a lot, especially now in the summer. Since I'm the consummate multi-tasker (read ADD) I often listen to software/tech-related podcasts on my jaunts thru NYC.

I've found the following podcasts to have some useful content.:
- on iTunes
- there's an interesting podcast of the Dreamforce '05 Partners Summit with Ray Lane and John Hummer
- Oracle's AppCast
- been meaning to listen to the one with the head of Corp Dev which must be a busy job at Oracle
- SAP Developer Network
- Confession: I haven't listened to many of these....honestly.

Also, I pointed you to a interview with SAP's Chief Software Architect last week. Here's an interview with my boss Jeff Nolan on the "Always On" society.