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Monday, August 07, 2006 news & thoughts

A couple of items from the news on and some thoughts: consultancy launches

Seems like the natural part of the evolution of i.e., building out the ecosytem. They've started well with AppExchange and ISVs developing complementary apps (which Enterprise CRM will do as well) and now they're developing the services side. My sense is that a significant part of Enterprise CRM's work will be integrating SFdC's CRM product with legacy, non-hosted apps. Also, as the AppExchange Apps largely address the issue of incomplete (horizontal) CRM functionality, there should be opportunities to provide verticalization of the SFdC app, either productized or on a one-off basis Bites Bullet on Integration
One thought that came to me while reading the article: some of the pre-built connectors built to link SFdC to other applications (ERP etc) may not work with the OEM platform products e.g Remend etc. Could there be missing hooks into some objects? For example, any connector referring to the Opportunities tab will run into problems as it's my understanding this tab doesn't exist on the OEM platform product. Likely not a large issue today given the limited number of OEM partners (5, i think?) but could become one depending on the success of the platform.