The Village View

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Desktop search: I switched to Microsoft

I recently downloaded and installed Microsoft Windows Desktop Search. I had been using Copernic because Jeff Nolan sent me the executable directly after SAP's image refresh kept deleting Google Desktop search. Copernic had been working decently well, but many searches didn't turn up files that I knew (just knew) were on my desktop (and yes, my index was up to date). Also, I couldn't figure out how to run Boolean searches on it. And some of you may groan at this, but I like the Microsoft UI better than the Copernic one. One of the things I haven't really tested yet is the "CorpPortal" button which portends to search the SAP corporate portal. The search feature we currently have on our intranet does not leave me very happy, so if this tool does any better, I'll be even more pleased with my switch. I'll let you know.

(Written early in the morning at the Au Bon Pain at JFK American Airlines terminal)