The Village View

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Abducted by aliens

21 days, that's how long it's been since i've lasted post. 3 weeks is the longest I've gone by a long shot since I started this blog a year and a bit ago. Thanks to those of you who reached out and asked me "what the f**k?"
So, I have two main excuses: 1) mental exhaustion and 2) Sapphire. Regarding 1) the new GRC job is great, but is really keeping me busy and on the road. Been on the road at least a day and mostly more for the last 12 weeks; I was in 3 cities the week before last: Atlanta, Baltimore and Chicago. When I get back to the Courtyard by Marriott (of which i'm becoming an increasingly bigger fan) I do a couple hours worth of work and crash. 2) Sapphire - just leaving Atlanta now. Was at one of the pod's demoing the SAP GRC solution. We had a whole GRC Village (muliple demo pods) but I was out in the Life Sciences area for some reason.
Sapphire was great - 15,000 attendees. Really impressive. Lots of customers, partners and SAP-ers. Interestingly, SAP is so open that I counted 3 (tres!) of my GRC competitors. oh well.
Bloggers corner was in full effect. I managed to make it to the Bloggers' dinner. I saw Den, Jason W, Jason C., Dan F, Craig, Thomas Jerry et al. Also, got to meet a bunch of the SAP big wigs; which was pretty cool.
Got lot's more to say and i'll promise to post again soon. Now I gotta run and catch my flight so i can get out of Atlanta.