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Monday, April 02, 2007

Oracle's misleading math Part deux

Jason Corsello points to two similar recent Oracle HR adverts with different sets of numbers:

Oracle’s recent advertisement in the March 12, 2007, copy of Workforce Magazine stating…

  • 140 Countries
  • 12,000 Customers
  • 27 Million Workers

....the March 2007 copy of Talent Management Magazine which states…

  • 135 Countries
  • 12,500 Customers
  • 30 Million Workers
Jason is a nice guy and gives Oracle the benefit of the doubt as "a big Oops." I'm less charitable given that I have seen not a few ads in which Oracle takes liberties with numbers to further a (often false) claim. My sense is that when you're making this sh*t up, you're bound to slip and be inconsistent. Although Oracle claims to be #1 in, I'll go with what Jason says:
"my recent industry data (as well as some other analyst firms) suggests Oracle is actually #2 in HR Applications behind SAP." He always did seem like a bright guy.

Dennis also picked up on Jason's post and is running a poll on whether Oracle "makes[s] is up as it goes along."