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Sunday, April 29, 2007

SAP GRC and Office of the CFO podcasts: Overview

As I've posted earlier, I switched roles at SAP and am now in a business development role in the Governance, Risk and Compliance business unit. We had a huge "village" or display area at Sapphire (although as mentioned, yours truly was at an outpost pod, demo-ing our Sarbanes-Oxley solutions). There was a lot of interest in our village and I think that we were one of the more popular areas of the show (even if we were at the end of the half-mile show floor).
Anyway, Thomas had this cool microphone attachment for his iPod Nano and was doing some podcasting. I set him up with two conversations with my boss, Denise Broady. Denise has been at SAP for 6 years (coming over with the TopTier acquisition) and leads the Office of the CFO Center of Excellence (which is a business development group with responsibilities for a set of solutions targeted at the CFO's organization: Access Control, Process Control, Enterprise Risk Management, Global Trade Solutions, Environmental Compliance, Employee Health & Safety and eSourcing, with likely more to come).

In these podcasts, she does a good job of explaining SAP's holistic GRC strategy and a bit about how we are going to market with these products. Break out the popcorn, it's good stuff.

Overview of SAP GRC

Overview of the Office of CFO and Corporate Performance Management