The Village View

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Why Cognos Loves Oracle

I still have serious doubts about the vitality of the 3rd party Business Intelligence vendors. I heard the Cognos CEO speak last year and just don't find the argument that a large number of customers want independent BI vendors to be that compelling. Having said that, you gotta give Cognos credit for what looks like a good quarter. Thought the point around how the Hyperion acquisition might help Cognos to be interesting:

Ironically, the Oracle-Hyperion deal might actually benefit Cognos. Hyperion customers are probably concerned that Oracle could rework Hyperion's product line to fit better with its own databases and business applications. That could mean higher costs for Hyperion customers, should they eventually need to migrate to Oracle's offerings, making Cognos's rival products seem more appealing.

The Oracle deal also validates BI's importance and establishes a valuation benchmark. Hyperion sold for 3.4 times sales, compared to the 3.1 times sales at which Cognos currently trades.