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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Oracle views India as more then just a place to offshore, empasizes SME market

Indian Express story
Mercury News

Oracle plans to add 1,400 employees to its sales, consulting and support operations in India as it focuses on expanding business among small and mid-size companies in the country's towns and rural areas, a company executive said Tuesday.

Can the tech industry take a page from Henry Ford's playbook: by investing in India will US/European tech firms help spawn a larger, healthier mid-market and thus help "create" (or at least expand) their own potential client base? The NASSCOM-McKinsey report (2005) estimates that over half of Indian IT outsourcing revenue will be from the SME segment by 2008. Currently, less then 15% comes from SMEs.

At the very least, this move is recognition that the Indian market is an important domestic market for software products and services and not just a place to develop and support software.


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