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Thursday, February 09, 2006

FON blogging: what's the backlash going to be?

Bloggers, who are also advisors to FON, were writing positively about the company amid its funding annoucement this week. Most, if not all, mentioned their role as advisors although some did not disclose that they may be compensated in the future.
I'm honestly not that interested in the debate on potential conflict of interest and ethics around blogging (think it's important, just doesn't interest me too much).

Here's what I think is interesting: This incident shows the potential pitfalls that companies can fall into as they try to "manage" bloggers and blog readers. I could easily see this thing taking on a life of its own and "real" journalists writing a lot of pieces that are less then positive on FON.
One "so what?" of this is that it may give corporate Comm depts more ammunition not to implement a blogging strategy. It plays to their fears of losing control of the message (and messengers). Of course, their underlying assumption is that they have control of the message currently.


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