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Friday, March 03, 2006

My reading list

Just finished reading The Real Story of Informix Software and Phil White which my boss sent me. (He also graciously sent me RFID and Beyond; haven't quite gotten to that one yet). In addition to a blow-by-blow of what happened with the company and its CEO, the book is an excellent mini-history of the database industry and wars. Also, gives a bit of a primer on databases themselves. One observation: interesting to see how Oracle and Ellision used similar competitive tactics (advertising etc) back then as we're seeing them use nowadays.

Am trying to finish China: Its History and Culture I know what you're thinking: well, of course it's taking you forever, there's 3000+ years of history. True, but I got the 300 page, "hit me with the highlights" version.

Looking forward to starting my new gift from our friends at AppExchange for Dummies. They sent it to me as a pdf.

Of course, I'm still working my way through SAP NetWeaver for Dummies.

I always welcome reading suggestions.


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