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Friday, March 24, 2006

SAP center eyes US$3b market

SAP AG, Europe's biggest enterprise software vendor, opened a new research center in Shanghai yesterday with plans to triple the number of research employees in China to 1,800 in 2008.

In the past nine years, SAP China's revenue surged 70 percent annually on average...

Oracle also recently announced an increased prescence in China. IDC predicts the Chinese software market will be $6.23 billion in 2009. That should be about 3% of global software expenditures in that year (using global numbers from Ovum). It seems obvious that both SAP and Oracle are betting that that percentage will increase greatly in the next decade.

As for me, I just finished my book on the history of China. Might be time to buy a beginners Mandarin book next. Or maybe I should learn Hindi instead?


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