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Monday, August 21, 2006

Open Source CRM?

I love this: the article talks about how great open source is etc etc, but spends a good bit of copy talking about SugarCRM's higher end products which aren't open source. Sure as a customer you may have access to the source code, but so do SAP customers. The Enterprise version is not licensed under the SugarCRM Public License (as the article implies) but rather users are bound by the Sugar Enterprise End User License Agreement. While the SugarCRM Public License that the free Open Source Edition uses is based on the MPL, the Enterprise EULA certainly isn't.

Here's Section 1.3 of the EULA: Proprietary Rights. SugarCRM and its licensors shall own all right, title, and interest to the Software, technology, information, code or software provided to Company, including all portions, copies or modifications thereof.

Now, I have nothing against the dual license model that SugarCRM employs (MySQL and others do the same thing) but don't write an article titled, "Now Is The Time To Consider Open Source CRM" and not make it clear that there are open source and non-open source versions. It confuses the issue as well as the readers/investors/customers/prospects.

The free version of SugarCRM only supports up to 20 users, while Sugar Professional is designed for up to 500 users. Sugar Enterprise supports up to 5,000 users and offers an offline client and other goodies. On-demand versions of SugarCRM Professional and Enterprise are priced at $40 and $75 per user per month, respectively, while on-premises versions are priced at $239 and $449 annually per user.

All open source CRM vendors let users see and modify the source code, but each has added its own spin to the standard license. SugarCRM sells its software under a modified Mozilla Public License; modifications made to its Enterprise version belong to SugarCRM. Centric CRM lets anyone modify the code of its apps, but they can't resell or distribute it without making a deal with Centric first.


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