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Monday, November 27, 2006

Another Oracle Telco acquisition in the works?

Back from Thanksgiving and it looks like Larry is not going to make it a slow week for me (one of the things I do is look at the impact of Oracle M&A activity). If this is truly a billing software, need to understand how it's different from the Portal Software acquisition Oracle did earlier this year. It would also follow on the heels of the MetaSolv acquisition.

Oracle, the US software giant led by Larry Ellison, has held preliminary takeover talks with Intec Telecom Systems, a £100m Aim-listed rival. Charles Phillips, Oracle's president, met Intec's chief executive Kevin Adams in central London earlier this month. Although Intec has yet to receive an offer from Oracle, a potential transaction has been discussed. Intec, which produces billing systems for telecoms companies, has beaten Oracle in two recent competitive tenders.


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