The Village View

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Power of Persistence

So there I was doing my weekly reading of the Sunday New York Times while drinking my cafe con leche from the Dominican place next door ("El mejor cafe con leche de New York" as the sign says). Turn the page and there is a profile on Bill McDermott, President of SAP Americas. I've seen him speak on a few occasions and always walk away feeling good about where I work.

However, it looks like I didn't know the half it. This is pretty impressive as when I was 17, I was bagging groceries. Guess that's why he's the boss.

A delicatessen in town had a help-wanted sign in the window. One day I walked in with the black tuxedo and black velvet tie I wore at the restaurant and approached the owner. I said, “I bring an understanding on how to serve food to your constituents.” I explained what I did at the restaurant, how we had white gloves and were extremely professional. He hired me on the spot.

I ended up buying that delicatessen at the age of 17. I bought the store on borrowed money because I did not have enough.