The Village View

Thursday, December 21, 2006

5 Things you probably didn’t know about me

I got tagged by my SAP colleague Craig Cmehil. Not sure what it means (vanity probably) that I haven't posted in almost a week (Oracle earnings announcement kept me busy) and this is how I make my return.

1. I worked for a time as a wildland firefighter for the US Forest Service
2. I am a 5th generation (at least) Floridian
3. I missed the Internet boom in the US and caught the Latin American version while living in Buenos Aires (1998-2001)
4. I am handy with a gig and a cast net (see #2)
5. I am passionate about soccer, play at least once a week and went to the World Cup in Germany.

Ok, Kosin Huang, Dennis Howlett, Vinnie Mirchandani, Julia French, Isabel Wang, you're it.