The Village View

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

minglenow launches

minglenow officially launched today. Described as the "first social network that would connect you with the places you hang out offline, and the other people who hang out there," I been playing around with the beta version for the last few days thanks to my friend Julia French.

Julia joined BlueLithium Labs 2 weeks ago and has been busting her butt working on today's launch. I got to know Julia when she was at Socialtext. She's as friendly and pleasant as she is no-nonsense and professional (our first call was largely around when I was going to start coughing up more money for the additional users I was bringing on line). She did a great job working with Ismael on the Office 2.0 conference. I'm sure she's going to knock the ball out of the park at MingleNow.

I've been using the site to get ideas on new places to check out (mostly restaurants and bars so far). With so many restaurants in New York, it's cool to be able to see what other people like; especially, people that you're connected with in some way. If I can find a couple of folks whose recommendations I like, then I can just go on the site and see what they like. Viola, lazy man's way of finding the good spots.

Also, stay tuned, I understand a mobile version is in the works.