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Friday, December 08, 2006

Oracle extends Enterprise SSO with acq.... uh partnership

When I read that Oracle was making an announcement around "extending" their Single Sign-On offering I assumed that meant another acquisition. Seems they are taking a page out of the SAP book and going the partnership route.

Oracle today announced the Oracle Enterprise Single Sign-On Suite, delivering enterprise authentication and single sign-on for mainframe, client/server and Web applications. The Suite, a component of Oracle Identity Management...[r]esulting from its partnership with Passlogix, enable[s] customers to access... applications and systems using a single identity and password and automatically provision users based on a common, secure infrastructure.

This partnership follows several identity management-related acquisitions made earlier to build out its Oracle Identity Management solution:

Thor Technologies - now branded as Oracle Xelerate Identity Provisioning (more info below)
OctetString - Oracle Virtual Directory (more info below)
Oblix - Oracle Identity Federation (formerly Oblix SHAREid) & Oracle Web Services Manager (formerly Oblix COREsv)
Phaos - technology integrated into Oracle Application Server and Oracle Identitiy Management

In addition to the products listed above, Oracle Identity Management includes: Access Manager, Identity Manager & Internet Directory.

The partnership and acquisitions will enable Oracle applications and databases to better integrate across a heterogeneous IT ecosystem. Oracle will be able to extend identity management across applications (both Oracle and partner) built using Fusion. Additionally, this expands Oracle's identity management product offering to compete against IBM, Sun and CA. The overall identity management market is worth ~$1.2B and estimated to grow to as much as ~$8B by 2008.

More information on Thor and OctetString:

Thor Technologies - Provisioning allows matching of an individual’s technology access with their HR status. Prior to acquisition had received $19M in 2002 from Bain Capital, Longworth Venture Partners and Boston Capital. CEO was Alberto Yepez.

OctetString - Virtual directory software enables the management of identify information across the enterprise. Company was founded with no external funding in 2002 by Clayton Donley. Estimated pre-acquisition revenue was less than $30M.