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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Unexpected Salesforce Shutdown Hurts Partners

I've blogged about unplanned outtages before. Seems this time the outtage of the AppExchange (or Apex I believe, if we're following the new branding) was planned, but poorly communicated to the partners.
"That technology fails, we understand. The failure to communicate, we do not."

The end users of the products that run on the platform didn't call SFdC, but rather the ISVs that provide them with the end solution.
"Our customers think it's our fault; we looked like fools this week for suggesting they visit the AppExchange to access the product," the partner said

Likely just a bump in the road for SFdC, but it does show that in the multi-tenant SaaS model, a single mistake/miscommunication can affect many users across many customers. The sys admin or app support guy for an on premise solution just has to worry about pissing off users at one company. (of course, some of those users likely sign his paycheck, so.....)

(Posted from Email Station at the GRC2007 conference at The Venetian in Las Vegas)