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Friday, February 16, 2007

Netsuite & eBay team up

This ties into one of my 2007 predictions: Google moves into Enterprise Apps business. How? I posited that a Google On Demand CRM solution could be useful to heavy users of Google Base and might be a good avenue for Google to venture into the apps business. I don't know how many "power sellers" Google Base has, but I have to think eBay Power Sellers far outnumber them. Probably good news for NetSuite as they approach their likely IPO.

both companies have created programs and initiatives to promote and market this integrated solution to eBay’s high-volume sellers called "Power Sellers." This partnership marks the first and only on-demand solution to offer eBay auction management embedded as a sales channel along with powerful capabilities to manage all business operations such as inventory, warehouse management, accounting, direct sales, telesales, keyword marketing, e-mail marketing and site hosting.

The other interesting aspect of this deal is that the pricing is volume-based.
NetSuite will charge a fee based on the number of transactions-up to 100 transactions will cost $99, or .99 cents per transaction. - ComputerWorld


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