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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Craig Cmehil: series on SAP NetWeaver & Office 2.0

Craig Cmehil (shh MAY hill - I checked with him b/c there are about 5 different pronunciations floating about SAP at any time) is starting a series on connecting SAP NetWeaver to Office 2.o applications. It should be noted that this is not an official SAP thing, this is Craig doing cool stuff on his own.
I'm glad he's putting it in a blog so I can read, and re-read it, because my NetWeaver technical knowledge ain't what is should be. Craig has shown/explained some stuff in the past and I got the general concept, but was too ashamed to expose my ignorance, so I nodded a lot.
The first in the series talks about how Craig is getting NetWeaver to place nice with Zoho. (some of the posting is on the SAP Developer Network which requires registration. But it's free and takes a couple of secs, so no big deal. Besides there are like 1.5 billion people on that network; ok but there really are 700k registered users. Heckuva community).


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