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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Free Condoms on the Subway? And Who Says New Yorkers Aren’t Friendly?

This is from a NY Times blog. (At least they have blogs, because the Times definitely does not get it with all the subscriber-only content. I can't imagine that they are making more $$ on the subs then they lost on the ad revenue from fewer page views. But I digress...). It's a shame that they are having their promotion handing out "samples" today given the Nor'easter that is blowing through today.

The new condoms, which mimic the subway’s colorful labeling system, are designed to help in survey recall — and by extension, in data gathering after-the-fact. From The A.P.:

Health Commissioner Thomas Frieden [said] that the distinctive wrapper will provide the opportunity to include questions about the condom on the city’s annual health survey.


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