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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Spanning Sync goes beta - overly positive response

Fellow Enterprise Irregular Charlie Wood announced that Spanning Sync went public beta yesterday.... was promptly overwhelmed by interest (and traffic) and had to close the beta to new users. Being a PC guy, this whole thing is lost on me, but the Mac folks I know are celebrating the Second Coming.

Anyway, if you're an infrastructure vendor, there's an opportunity for you here

So tomorrow morning I'll be looking to beef up our infrastructure in a big way. I don't have time to comparison shop, so I'll be provisioning more hardware from our current provider, ServerBeach. But if another vendor wanted to be the hero in this story, there's a great opportunity. Sun has some kick-ass new servers they're looking to seed startups with, right? Or maybe a regional hosting provider could use some free publicity.

Either way, email me if you have an offer or a suggestion. I'm at and I'll be in the office tomorrow morning at 6:00am CST.


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