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Tuesday, January 16, 2007 picks up a "few" seats at Dell; Microsoft ain't asleep either

Dell Inc. bought Inc. software for 15,000 of the computer maker's employees, the business software maker said on Tuesday.

First of all: it's NOT software - geez, haven't you seen the buttons? More seriously, this is great news for -the deal had been rumored for quite a while. To understand the magnitude of this transaction consider this: this deal represents ~25% of the total number of net new subscribers SFdC sold last quarter. Unfortunately, I missed the Apex Seminar in New York last week, but did meet up with Jason Wood after the event for dinner.

However, lest you think that SFdC is the only game in town, Microsoft generated almost $500M in Dynamics license revenue in FY 06 (As Jason points out - most of the Dynamics license growth was attributed to CRM). Mid last year Microsoft claimed to have sold more than 50k Dynamics CRM users in one quarter. That's why today's news that Microsoft will begin previewing, to its partner community, the new multi-tenant version of its CRM, code named Titan (this name is original?) is exciting to me.
The new version introduces an advanced multitenant architecture, and uses a single code base to support on-premise deployments as well as software-as-a-service (SaaS) deployments through hosting partners and through the upcoming Microsoft Dynamics Live CRM service

A couple of other things on
- I've heard SFdC is offering, or will offer, a vertical solution for the financial services industry and that they have dedicated financial services vertical support in place.
- Just in time to get me in the mood for my Nature Conservancy Young Professionals Council meeting tomorrow:
the Foundation, today announced Earthforce -- an initiative to create a carbon neutral in 2007. In taking important key steps in becoming a carbon neutral corporation, the Foundation will work to neutralize the effect of's corporate greenhouse gas emissions from its major areas of carbon consumption -- its office locations, corporate travel and data centers. This will be done through the strategic purchase of carbon offsets with the help of Clean Air-Cool Planet, NativeEnergy and Conservation International.
Apex code available for preview by developers:
The preview release of the Apex programming language will enable developers to learn the capabilities of the Apex language, write code and create applications, and provide feedback on Apex's design and capabilities. The developer preview release is currently scheduled to be followed later this year with a beta for customers.


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