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Monday, February 12, 2007

Teqlo demo

Jeff Nolan, CEO of Teqlo, gave some of the Enterprise Irregulars a demo today. Teqlo is described as an AppExchange for the web or a Mashup platform. It's focused on business users who want more control over the applications and data they use. Think of "user" here as an Excel power user, or in terms of 3rd party SMB ISVs. In other words, this is not a product aimed at the IT department or the business application developer, but rather the person who will actually be using the end result.
In the demo, Jeff showed us how a user can use the Teqlo platform to construct applications that pull data from 3rd party services. Sure you can do eBay and Google Maps (the pre-requisities for any self respecting mash up company) but also from LinkedIn and partners xIgnite and @Road. For xIgnite, Teqlo has 3 widgets or Teqlets including one that will allow you to do a CUSIP look up.
Jason Corsello asked a question about if Jeff wanted to develop niche-y vertical apps or solutions. Jeff seemed open to the possibility, but reminded us during the demo that Teqlo is still a small company (10 employees) and that "we are on step 5 of 47 steps." While I thought Jason's question was interesting, I had been thinking of this from the point of view of integrating very horizontal services that many SMBs would be interested in. For example, the ability to pull information from an accounting system like Peachtree or QuickBooks and integrate it with information from an excel spreadsheet. (I think Dennis was thinking similiarly because he also asked about SMB apps).
All in all, a pretty impressive demo for what I think is going to be an impressive company. Beta accounts are coming soon and I'm on the list.


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