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Wednesday, April 05, 2006 does some cool s*&t!

I don't know what's gotten in to me today, but I'm like a PR engine for the competition. This morning I was pointing out Oracle's awards, now it's

I've blogged about AppExchange previously and how I really liked the ease with which a user could "Test Drive" partner apps and then download them. I called it "slick and user friendly" at the time.

Well, I just read this article about SFdC releasing a set of podcasts around Best Practices for using their application. 70+ podcasts of executives and clients speaking about their experiences etc. Now I haven't listened to them yet (but, guess what's on my iPod for the subway ride home) but that is not so much the point. The point is that here's a company that is using new forms of media to reach clients and prospects. Note these are generally not C-level podcasts (although Benioff of course has one as well) as there is a podcast by a VP, another one from the lead venture capitalist backing SFdC and a couple from clients. Somebody must have read the study that says CEOs are among the least trusted people in an organization.

Podcasting goes well with SFdC's counter-mainstream "outsider" branding as well (yes, I don't think that podcasting is mainstream yet).


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