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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Blogger limitations & annoyances

Ive been considering moving my blog off Blogger, but haven't pulled the trigger yet. One reason is because I'm sure it's gonna be a big pain in the ass to do the migration. The other reason is that I'm not severely unhappy, just mildly annoyed with a few things: 1) No Trackbacks - So I "solved" this yesterday by installing Trackbacks plug in from HaloScan. I haven't actually tried the Trackback functionality, but the service also manages my comments. The problem is that I lost(well they're still there on Blogger's servers I would imagine) all my comments when I made the switch. (Including one from Mark Mangano listing a couple of other blogs he reads). Not a huge issue, but kinda a bummer. 2) Blogger is forcing me to log in with my Google password. Now I have 3 gmail accounts (I use one for personal email, one for my blog email and one for online storage) and one separate log on for Blogger. When I log into Blogger it logs me out of my gmail account. So far I've been opening gmail in IE and Blogger in Firefox to prevent this. I guess I'm going to have to consolidate the Blogger account under one of the gmail accounts.
On the positive side, I get picked up pretty well by Google blog search (which also powers the blog postings on Google Finance) and get a considerable amount of traffic from that source. I have a sneaky suspicion that I may not get picked up as much if I switch off Blogger. Of course, search engine optimization is not my bag, so I could be way off here.


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