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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Forced upgrades! No, not Oracle or SAP, but Apple

I was gonna upgrade iTunes until I read Tim's review in which he stated that:

"iTunes 7 is EXCRUCIATINGLY SLOW. When I say slow, I mean ... like.. 5-10 seconds when clicking on a different genre in the browser."

So, not seeing a huge need as version 6 does the job just fine, and not being an early adopter in this area (hey, i can only be cutting edge in so many ways), I wasn't going to upgrade any time soon.

Well, today Apple informs me that an album I had pre-ordered was ready for purchase. Cool; I click thru to buy and -BOOM- "Purchasing this album requires upgrading to iTunes 7." Requires? Really? The new Evanescence couldn't possibly play on iTunes 6? The melody is incompatible with version 6?

Possible silver lining: it's always a good experience for someone who works at an enterprise software company to be reminded of a little bit of the pain that a customer might feel.


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