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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Oracle Earnings announcement - What's the deal with Siebel?

Ok, haven't had much time to digest this, and may post more later, but here's something that jumped out to me

- CRM - What's going on here? I think Safra said that Siebel contributed $31M to new app rev numbers (Organic i.e. EBS & PSFT was $186M, iFlex was 9M). Ok, so i went back and checked Siebel comparable quarter pre-acquisition. New software license was $112M. So what's the story? Did SAP (or kick the crap out of Siebel this quarter? Is some of that Siebel app rev being counted somewhere else? Maybe it's showing up in CRM, but in a different budget to show organic growth e.g. they sign a CRM deal that includes Siebel and EBS CRM component and count it as EBS and thus organic. Any ideas? (now, i heard that Oracle has put Siebel analytics revenue in the database & technology bucket, but I don't think that that revenue has ever accounted for more than a 1/3 again of what Oracle counts as Siebel software revenue. Meaning, i'd give them maybe another 8-10M in Siebel analytics revenue this quarter).


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