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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Se fue el jefe - Jeff Nolan leaves SAP

My first reaction when Jeff told me he was leaving SAP was to drop the F Bomb. Not because I wasn't happy for him, but because I was bummed to being losing him as a boss. I had been reading his blog before I even interviewed with SAP. When in my first interview at SAP, I was told that Jeff would be my boss, I was pysched. I was very interested in the job, returning to the software industry and working for SAP, but after my interview with Jeff I was convinced. We spent about an hour just shooting the breeze about software. I remember leaving the Palo Alto office thinking, "I could learn a lot just being around this guy." And I have (and will continue to because he's on my "mentor" list of folks whose opinions I value and whose input I seek when thinking about my career). After my initial reaction, which I know that Jeff took as the compliment that it was, I congratulated him on his new (still not publicly announced) role.
Luckily for me, and the rest of the Apollo Strategy team, we're getting a great new boss as well. Rob Halsey is a former Coast Guard officer and, like me, a recovering consultant. He's very suppportive of the work Jeff initiated around social media (blogs, wikis, podcasts) in the enterprise. I've worked with him for almost a year and I'm fortunate that he's taking over the group.

In case anyone noticed, I have been 1) blogging less these last few weeks, and 2) increasingly difficult to get in touch with. The reason is that I resigned from SAP a couple of weeks ago and Thursday will be my last official day as an employee of the company; I’ve been busy cleaning up loose ends and decompressing.


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