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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Socialtext meeting

Went by the Socialtext offices in Palo Alto on Thursday and had a great chat with the folks there. One of the things we talked about is how we can get information from the wiki into the SAP NetWeaver Portal and vice versa. Now that Socialtext has released their API this should be very doable. I think there are likely applications for both within SAP (we use the SAP NetWeaver Portal to power the SAP Corporate Portal obviously) and for our joint customers. There are several groups within SAP that have asked for this and we're looking at developing a use case to prove that it can work. Stay tuned.

Kirsten Jones of Socialtext came by the SAP Palo Alto offices on Friday and set me up with some admin and management reports so that I can better monitor who's using the wiki, how much etc. Right now we have over 30 workspaces on our appliances with a couple hundred users.

Also, special thanks to Socialtext marketing guru Julia French. She knew I was spending the weekend in San Francisco (between Palo Alto visit and TechEd in Las Vegas) and took me to a great sushi restaurant in Japantown on Friday evening and even showed me the hospital where I was born. Thanks Julia!


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