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Wednesday, August 23, 2006 Enters Search Engine Marketing with Kieden Buy

Kieden was one of the partners was showcasing at the AppExchange seminar last month. They demo-ed the Google AdWords product and hyped the arrival of the "business web." The acquisition of another AppExchange partner demostrates that, in addition to providing expanded functionality for the core CRM product, the ecosystem of developers also provides SFdC with a pool of companies to acquire with proven products that customers are already purchasing.

A couple of items on the Kieden:
- Kieden has approx 45 customers and 4 employees
- Kieden is priced ($300) per organization, not per user and won't be included in the AppExchange Unlimited Edition

Also, today(8/23) there will be an investor luncheon at 12:30 EDT. I'm planning on listening to the live webcast. Here's a link to yesterday's product launch.


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