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Thursday, April 20, 2006

The SAP Apollo Wiki

Jeff Nolan, one of Silicon Valley's top bloggers, leads Apollo, a strategy group at enterprise-software giant SAP. Nolan and his group are using a number of social media tools -- blogs, RSS, and of course, a wiki -- to better compete with Oracle, SAP's chief rival. The Apollo wiki mostly is used for project management. [Note: this is a private wiki].

I've blogged before that our strategy group uses the Socialtext wiki. My boss, Jeff, is a huge proponent of social media, especially wikis. I'd like to think we're on the cutting edge at SAP with our use of wikis. The good news is I'm getting pinged on a weekly basis by others within the company that are interested in what we're doing and trying it out themselves. (I've been designated the Apollo Ɯberwikimeister; I'm very proud)

Looks like we made eastwikkers top 33 list of best practices in wiki-based collaboration. Go us!