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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Socialtext launches mobile wiki & more wiki stuff

We use the Socialtext wiki in the SAP AG Apollo Competitive Program Office; I was asked to drive our initial adoption and implementation within the office. The Socialtext guys have been very helpful and the wiki has changed our reporting and collaboration methods. The Apollo Strategy Group just got thrown a new project late last week and the first thing we did was to set up a new project page and blog on the wiki. Instead of shooting around documents by email, we send them to the project blog on the wiki.

Thanks to Matt at Socialtext, I've been able to play around with Miki for the last couple of weeks. I'm sure we're going to find that it makes us more productive.

Also, I attended my first Wiki Wednesday last night. Since Matt was in Boston launching Miki, this one was guest hosted by Howard Greenstein (who seems incredibly plugged into the NY tech scene). Had interesting discussions on wikis, blackberrys and machine translation (thanks to Johnson Jiang of Loto)


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