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Thursday, July 13, 2006

New hostess: I like the accent

So, I have to admit that before all the recent noise about Amanda Congdon leaving Rocketboom, it wasn't really on my radar and I had never watched an episode. However, given that it's damn near impossible to miss now, I clicked through to the Rocketboom site from a blog posting.

Very initial hypothesis (based on watching about 30 seconds): Rocketboom is gonna be ok. Why do I say this?
Well, I think Jason hit the nail on the head for at least one reason that the casts have been popular to date:
at the end of the day, Amanda comes across as an attractive, approachable woman who loves technology. In other words, she's the fantasy girl every tech geekboy (myself included) used to dream about before we had the confidence to ask someone like that out.

Well, the new host Joanne Colan seems to have all this going for her, plus, and here's the kicker......... A British accent! Yep, Rocketboom is gonna be alright.