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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Spanning Sync v1.0 Now Available

Charlie Wood's company, Spanning Partners, released the commercial version of Spanning Sync v1.0 today. I've blogged about Spanning Sync, which is a service that syncs Apple iCal with Google Calendar bidirectionally, before.

Comments about the product/service's functionality have been positive, but Charlie's getting hammered in the comments on the Spanning Sync blog on the pricing: $25 one-year subscription or $65 one-time. Despite that pushback, Charlie says that Spanning Sync "passed our first-day sales goal within 45 minutes of posting the announcement."

Looks like Charlie is going to stick to his guns, which I think is the right move. He obviously did an analysis of what his costs were going to be and came up with a price he thought was reasonable. My sense is that a lot of the folks complaining wouldn't be happy with $15/year either. They say they would, but I think a lot of them don't want to pay for something that they've gotten free before. Personally, if you're not willing to pay what it costs two people to go to the movies (w/o popcorn no less) for a piece of productivity software that you're going to use several times a week, then you don't deserve to use it. End of story.

(written at the bar in the Las Vegas airport, using the free wireless!)