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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

"Flash Blog" Experiment With The Boston Marathon

(I'm currently on jury duty and have therefore been slacking on the posting. Will write more when I'm done).

My colleague, Rob Halsey, did a pretty cool (or very geeky, depending on your perspective) experiment recently. He "live blogged" running the boston marathon. I blogged about it here.

Rob recently wrote a longer post about his experience; it's worth a read:

This year's Boston Marathon provided a good base for the experiment. Wouldn't someone rather read a blog from a runner actually running the course than a journalist covering the event? The morning of the race, I launched a new blog with one introductory post. I then ran the marathon as a non-qualified runner (e.g., "bandit") and wrote 8 posts from my blackberry before and during the race. The day after the race, I posted a race wrap-up entry


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