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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

New blogger Julia French hits a nerve

Julia French of Socialtext finally started blogging. Julia, in addition to being a friend, is in the trenches of Enterprise 2.0. I think her perspective will be interesting to hear. I hope she posts often.

Her first post strikes a nerve. I'm in the middle of trying to get my internal blogging platform (run on Movable Type) to let me create a new blog and am trying to get a helpful response from Six Apart. So far a few standard emails asking me for the email address associated with the account. Meanwhile, I'm digging through the forums. What's interesting is that I just came across a post in the support forum from Jeff when he was at SAP and had the same problem (no resolution).

As Julia says, "I want to be able to have someone troubleshoot in a timely fashion when something does not work and I can not fix it." I think this is a must have when using these products in an enterprise. I would go one step further and say that this needs to be synchronous support, e.g., telephone call, live chat. I, too, am willing to pay.

One note: to be fair, there may be a higher level of support that I could purchase from Six Apart that would provide this. BUT, I don't know because I can't log into their support site and my telephone call yesterday (thru the receptionist to "someone that deals with these things") has not been returned.

Why can't everybody be like Jack from Newsgator?


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