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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Oracle acquires Sunopsis

Some of my colleagues looked at the recent Oracle acquisition of Sunopsis acquisition. I've summarized what I've learned from them.

How does Oracle benefit from this acquisition?
Sunopsis's product line complements ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) offering of Oracle Warehouse Builder. Will allow Oracle to compete with pure-play ETL vendors including in non-unique-Oracle environments. Oracle Warehouse Builder targets non-ORCL RDBMS in an indirect manner, making it less suitable for diverse environments. The acquisition improves Oracle's competitive position against IBM (Ascential), Informatica, Business.

Oracle may be pursuing a two part strategy in analytics: build/buy applications with deep industry focus and provide the full range of tools for customers who want to build their applications in-house

Also, the acquisition will allow Sunopsis to market its product more broadly to Oracle's North American customer base (Sunopsis is underrepresented in North America).

Sunopsis Products

Sunopsis Data Conductor - ETL solution
Business-rules-driven Approach to Data Integration
Graphical drag-and-drop to specify transformation and data flows
80 'knowledge modules' that act as code templates to specify data flows
- Java based tool
-"Serverless" architecture avoiding middle-tier transformation server (ETL Hub Server) and dedicated hardware
- ELT (extract, load, transform) architecture rather than ETL (extract, transform, load)
- Generating native SQL – leverage transformation power within existing relational databases
- Maintains data rules separate from processing rules in the metadata
- Standard connectors to heterogeneous data sources: Teradata, IBM DB2, Netezza, Oracle, Sybase IQ, ERPs, CRMs, flat files, LDAP, XML, etc.

Active Integration Platform (AIP 4.1 )
Common user interface and business rules driven approach for Data-, Event-, Service-based integration
Active Integration Hub – centralized metadata repository including
Common format designer: to design the Active Integration Hub, and
Service Conductor: to query the Hub and perform asynchronous application integration tasks in SOA-based environments
Event Conductor - designed for asynchronous application integration in event-driven architectures


Sunopsis resells products from Trillium, Information Builders and Attunity. OEM partners that sell Sunopsis products include: GoldenSource and NCR Teradata


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