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Friday, May 04, 2007

SAP & Web 2.0 case study

Saw a link to this case study on Steve's blog. It was written by Robin Fray Carey, whom I met at the Bloggers' Dinner at Sapphire last week, and draws heavily on comments by VP of SAP Developer Network, Mark Yolton.

This case study was written to demonstrate how a company can create a social networking platform that not only achieves its tactical goals of pushing company content to its target audience, but also broader, strategic purposes aligned with the company’s corporate profile and brand. The study will look at technologies used to develop the SDN and the BPX networks, the quality of the user experience, and metrics achieved, as well as issues related to maintaining and growing the network. Finally, the author speculates on how the success of the combined networks could lead to further revenue growth and enhancement of current corporate communications.


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