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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

PlanHQ Launch

Heard from a couple of different folks who are out at DEMO in San Diego. (Myself? I was in Charlotte which is almost as nice). One of the companies that I was told to check out was PlanHQ (hardly a scoop on my part as they got a nice write up on TechCrunch). Looks like it's aimed at helping small and mid sized business write and develop their business plans (oh, and achieve, can't forget achieve). So a couple of thoughts were spawned from this news (and they're not real deep thoughts as this has been a long day)
  • Is the launch of a company to help entrepreneurs and small businessmen write biz plans an indicator (leading or trailing) of a bubble-like environment?
  • PlanHQ has an office in Wellington, NZ; how cool is that and are they hiring? I've got a buddy that used to live in Wellington and we went kayaking in the harbor. I didn't realize you could work for a software company and live in NZ. hmmm....


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