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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Larry's new yacht

Yeah, i know, i don't blog in almost a month (just shy) and this is my big re-entry on the stage. Thanks to Scott, for the heads up on this one.

So, it seems that Larry Ellison is building a new yacht.

Why, you might ask, does Larry Ellison need another yacht?

Because Rising Sun is too big.

As Wealth Report readers might remember, Mr. Ellison has been complaining for years that the boat he built specifically to be the longest in the world — or at least to be longer than Paul Allen’s — turned out to be rather impractical. He can’t dock at most of the world’s marinas, since his boat exceeds size limits. When he pulls into shore, he has to tie up with oil takers and container ships at industrial ports. (Not very posh.) Or he has to anchor offshore and take tenders to the dock.


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