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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

SAP acquires Wicom, MaXware

Embarrassed to say I had my head down so much yesterday that someone outside of SAP had to tell me about these.

SAP said it bought Trondheim, Norway-based MaXware, which makes identify software and Espoo, Finland-based Wicom Communications, which makes Internet communication software.

More on Wicom

The primary aim of the acquisition is to integrate business systems, from customer focussed CRM to back office financials, with communications systems in order to streamline customer facing processes and enable employees across the enterprise to access the same knowledge and data. As Wicom points out, it is about making communications a core part of CRM and ERP, as it always should have been.

"It is about communication business processes and delivering those business processes no matter where or what channel," added Bob Stutz, senior vice president and general manager, SAP CRM strategy and product. "We see Wicom as the future of CRM."

And on MaXware

With MaXware's virtualization and user provisioning technologies, which are core to its identity management system, built as enterprise services according to SAP, they should be able to plug straight into NetWeaver.


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