The Village View

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

SAP announces New Enterprise Risk Management Application

So, this is actually one of the products that I will have responsibility for from a biz dev point of view. Have been seeing a lot of expressions of interest in Risk Management. The last few years many firms were giving most of their mindshare to compliance issues. Now many, especially in Europe, have begun to focus on risk management. (Indeed, SAP uses the application internally, as we do with other parts of the GRC solution set). I've seen analysts' reports estimating that Enterprise Risk Management spending is around $2B annually, and growing.

Continuing to expand its market-leading portfolio of solutions for governance, risk and compliance, SAP AG today introduced SAP(R) GRC Risk Management, a new business application that provides organizations with an integrated framework to automatically identify and proactively manage enterprise risk in the context of corporate strategy and business performance.