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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

GRC blogs

So I said when I took my GRC gig that I was going to post more on GRC issues. Hasn't really happened; in fact, I've been posting less. ( Jason said recently, it's because I'm now working for a living). Anyway, feel like I'm finally able to bring my head a bit above water, so I want to start expanding my GRC blog reading. I've listed a few below that I will likely put in my feed reader. Please let me know which ones I'm missing.

Accounting Observer
Soxfirst Blog
Op Risk & Compliance
SOX Television
Audit Trail
Sarbox Survival Guide
CFO Blog

In addition, I'll of course continue to read Dennis' blog. Finally, as I blogged recently Amit Chatterjee, head of the SAP GRC business unit, recently launched a blog. (check out his recent musing on GRC and such here).


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