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Monday, June 11, 2007

SAP Strengthens Silicon Valley Presence

Looks like SAP opened up a new facility in Palo Alto to showcase how the products run on and work with some partner hardware and software. Again, my sense is that Palo Alto remains an important location to the company (personal opinion). I'm going to be out there in a couple of weeks; may try to stop by and check the new lab out.

SAP brought out its top brass to show off the big iron inside its new Co-Innovation Lab here today. Executives from a number of tech companies, including HP, Intel, Cisco and NetApp joined SAP CEO Henning Kagerman and other top execs at the unveiling of the lab which includes computer products and systems donated by the above-mentioned companies

Sponsors of the lab will participate in joint projects with ISVs, systems integrators and other technology vendors. There are also plans to have them collaborate with SAP to develop "solution blueprints" designed to help customers create data center environments optimized to support enterprise SOA (define). Callidus Software, Novell, Questra and Wonderware are among the first ISVs signing on to initiate projects


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