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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

SAP appoints its first CTO

Vishal Sikka, formerly senior vice president and chief software architect at SAP, will head the company's newly created Office of the CTO, responsible for ensuring a "clear and harmonized roadmap" for SAP's products, the company said. He will report to CEO Henning Kagermann...

I had the chance to meet Vishal last year and was impressed by the conversation. Additionally, from what I hear, he's well respected throughout SAP. He's based in Palo Alto which may go a ways in countering some of the chatter about how the power base is moving back to Germany after Shai's departure.

Here's a podcast that Jeff Nolan arranged last year with Vishal and a few comments Jeff had at the time:

I was at the table when John was talking with Vishal and it really was a fascinating conversation. Vishal is, as many of you no doubt already know, the Chief Software Architect for SAP and he is based here in Palo Alto (although I truly believe that after doing this for the last couple of years his citizenship may in fact be from Lufthansa). The thing I like about Vishal is that he is not a longtime SAP employee (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing) and he is disarmingly candid and objective… when he speaks he is not just repeating talking points somebody else prepared, he is speaking from what he believes.


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