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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

New Blog Series: ABAP Trial Version for Newbies

Have you been dying to learn more about SAP's programming language, ABAP? Of course, you have. The blog is on the SAP Developer Network, which requires (free) registration. SDN is a great source of SAP information. There are north of 900k registered users of whom, I've heard, 600k or so log in at least once a week.

The blog series will start with easy - but essential - topics such as starting and stopping the SAP NW [NetWeaver] ABAP Application server from the management console. They'll lead you to the development environment, where you can check out how easy and convenient it is to write applications in ABAP.

Here's series:

Part 1 ' Download and installation of the Trial Version '
Part 2 ' Starting and Stopping the Application Server '
Part 3 ' Why and How the Server Matters to You as a Developer: Server Architecture and Work Processes '
Part 4 ' Many Developers On One Central Server - How Does It Work '
Part 5 ' Navigation in the Application Server '
Part 6 ' A first Hello-World-Program '
Part 7 ' Creating a Program and a Package - An Introduction to the SAP Change and Transport System '
Part 8 ' Exporting development objects from SP8'
Part 9 ' Importing a transport into SP11 '
Part 10 ' A First Little Business Program '
Part 11 ' Getting More Familiar With the ABAP Dictionary '
Part 12 ' Debugging in ABAP '
Part 13 ' Get Your Program up to Speed '
Part 14 ' The Foundation of an Application - Creating the Database Tables '


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