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Thursday, August 16, 2007

JFK: the new battleground in the software ad wars

So after a week on the road and the transcontinental from San Fran, I get back to JFK last night around 10pm.

In the hallway/underpass back to the main terminal is Microsoft's new Office 2007 advertising campaign. As you can see from the picture, this thing takes up the whole wall. It starts when you come down the escalators and continues all the way to the up escalators; complete with monitors informing us that "It's a new day." Also, saw a demo pod closer to the gates. Evidently, they've rolled them out in Times Square and on 49th Street (Not that I would know, given that i'm never in NY any more).

So that's fine, Microsoft is a partner and I like Office (and didn't realize that Office 2007 would be launching soon). However, as I settled into my cab for the ride back to Manhattan, I drive under a big, lighted advert that spans the highway: "#1 in Business Applications - Oracle." Not the first time, I've seen Oracle ads, last year on the way to Vegas they had filled one whole terminal with Oracle SMB ads.


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