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Friday, May 16, 2008

Two signs Web 2.0 has gone mainstream

I've meant to post about this for a while, but then again I've meant to just post at all for a while: In the last two weeks I've gotten notices about two fairly mainstream organizations that I am was affiliated with introducing their new Web 2.0 functionality.

I got this one about two weeks ago:

Introducing RSS and Social Bookmarking

New services make it easier to subscribe to and share Quarterly articles.

When you subscribe to our McKinsey Quarterly RSS feed, you receive personalized headlines with summaries and links to our articles on Once you create a feed, you will be provided with a custom URL to view your feed, as well as an easy way to add the feed to your own news reader, such as My Yahoo! or Google Reader.

Click here to create your personalized Quarterly feed.

Social Bookmarking is a way to share and discuss Quarterly articles with a larger community. The Share tool integrates Digg,, Technorati, and Newsvine into our article and abstract pages.

Today, I got this from my b school:

Today, we are proud to launch the School’s new social networking application. It will bring our community closer together, changing the way we communicate and share ideas, information, and interests with each other. In addition to offering improved access to the School’s distinguished alumni network, the application will enable you to more fully explore and utilize the breadth and depth of knowledge, experience, and opportunities made available not only by your fellow alumni, but also by current faculty and students.

By integrating existing directory information with job postings, industry-standard technologies such as Picasa™, Flickr™, and YouTube™, Columbia Business School-specific articles and content, and other rich social networking features, your connection to the School and to the people who make it the extraordinary place that it is will be constantly enhanced.

We encourage you to stay connected. To get started, log into

I see this as a sign that RSS, Social Networking and tagging is going mainstream. For some of you that read this blog (and I think there are 3 or 4 of you left) you're probably saying, "no sh&t Crofton," but I'd bet if you ask the majority of the folks on the street, and certainly the majority over 35, if they know what RSS, Social Networking, tagging etc are, they'd say no. Admittedly, Columbia and McKinsey are not great signs of what's happening on Main Street, but the fact that they're offering their alumni/readers these tools is a surely a sign of the mainstreaming of the these technologies.

I'm admittedly more intrigued about the CBS "social networking application" (really? that's the name? world class marketing dept and that's what we come up with?) then I am about tagging my favorite Quarterly articles. I'm wondering if folks will really upload their info to yet another social networking site. My sense is that given that's it's the business school and the focus is on the network, that this thing is going to be as exciting as LinkedIn. Not saying that LinkedIn isn't useful, but I don't really think of it as a social networking application as much as a good way of keeping track of were former colleagues and classmates now work. I'll likely upload my info at some point. right after I get writing my next post.


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